Spiritual Quotient (SQ)

Your Life. Your Truth.

All of us have probably heard of IQ and EQ.  As a learning and development organization, we have always had this quest of going beyond just work and engage with people to see how they could lead more enriched fulfilled lives.

This section is dedicated to our efforts to working with people and society at large and is dedicated to the human spirit. In small and meaningful ways, we hope to explore this space with you. Stay tuned.

Key Milestones

Awakening Public Workshop (2013) - Our Tryst with exploring / working with SQ started with a public workshop called "Awakening" which we started in 2013. This year we intend to bring back an online self learning version of this signature workshop. We still carry fond memories of this experiential workshop that we conducted regularly at the School of Ancient Wisdom, Bengaluru.

Dawn of Reality (2017) - Our founder Vidya Yedavalli published her first book "Dawn of Reality" which took into several congregations of people across various towns of India - an immense learning experience for us of how life experiences have defined and strengthened people's lives.  

Dawn of Reality Outreach Tours (2017-18) - We traveled across several towns and cities across India to engage with various groups of people on promoting our book and engaging with people on Life Skills. Coaching sessions followed these tours with individuals and families.


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