Tattva-Q Corporate Skills Academy

Leadership is all about relationships.

Astute leaders and managers enable their teams to perform and 
contribute. They do this through powerful mentoring and coaching
as well as the ability to understand and deal with complex team
dynamics. Learn these skills from us and make yourself and your
teams perform & be productive.

What you know is what you get.

Learning ability is one of the core skills for any level of employee
to sustain and enhance career competitiveness. We will help your workforce remain relevant and contemporary.

Values and beliefs are the foundation for culture.

Individuals and Organizations connect with each other through their values and beliefs. Their level of focus determines the level of thought leadership and collective consciousness of the organization.
We can help you discover and define your organization's culture
and unlock its potential.

Teams that learn together stay together.

Employees need constant engagement and this is what leads to laying a strong foundation for happiness, enthusiasm, consistent performance and contribution. We can help you through our focus groups to engage meaningfully with your workforce, discuss and resolve issues and conflicts as well as take great ideas to action and fruition.

Employees need individual attention.

Each of us are unique in our own ways and have our own life and work journey. We sometimes need individual focus and nurturing to 
deal with and overcome specific challenges. At Tattva-Q CSA we
offer a cloud based helpline and an App for micro learning to 
provide personalized learning, coaching and mentoring services.

Intent. Content. Facilitation. Effort. Outcome.

To learn and re-purpose our skills, we first need a strong sense of intent and commitment, relevant  content, excellent facilitation, sustained effort and clarity on the goal or outcome. At TQ-CSA, we believe in engaging on a regular basis to strengthen and align employee skills and experience to ensure they perform and deliver beyond expectations. 

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