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Enhancing Love & Trust at Workplaces

Culture Transformation is the current buzz word and every organization wants to be successful in keeping all its stakeholders happy namely customers, shareholders, suppliers and employees. Defining and preserving the core culture of an organization anchors people to stay grounded and quickly calibrate and align with organization's core values. Many good organizations globally are already moving towards this as they realize the long term benefits.

In this process, the employees play a key role in making a direct impact in keeping all the other stakeholders happy and to earn profits for the organization. Hence it is becoming increasingly important to look after the important asset of the organization namely the "Human Capital".

Happy Employees cause multi-fold impact on the business, customers and overall work environment. This requires continuous and consistent efforts by the organization and the employees.  The first step towards this is to bring awareness of the relevance and importance of maintaining happiness at workplaces.

Our primary motto is to enhance Love & Trust among people through mental and behavioral transformation. Our special focus is on workplaces where people spend 8-12 hours a day where mutual empathy and trust lacks big time. We ignite the flame of mutual trust and empathy in the hearts of the people through our soulful content.

We at Tattva-Q understand the important of this for our society and our nation. In our constant endeavor to contribute to the higher purpose and making lives more meaningful, we present a unique People Transformation Program – “Happy Workplaces”

Why is this program relevant?

Everyone wants to be happy. Workplaces where we spend 8 – 12 hours a day are all the more required to be happier and trust worthy. It is believed that Happiness grows by sharing and this is the basic nature and need of all human beings. However something holds us from doing so at workplaces.

Research shows that employees face many personal emotional and interpersonal challenges at work place and as a result they stay closed to themselves or confined to smaller groups wherein the core problem remains unsolved.

Possible workplace challenges to be addressed are:

  • Lack of Trust

  • Self Esteem issues

  • Competition

  • Lack of team work / Working in silos

  • Big Picture View

  • Inability to cope up with ambiguous situations

  • Personality insecurity/setbacks / Pre-occupation thru personal issues

Who should attend?

The program is meant for all those who believe that their employees are their biggest asset and the culture shift can make long term positive impact. The culture shift is nothing but alignment of people in the organization to a bigger and common cause. This program is meant for people at all levels.

Some have found solutions to these and the one who mastered these has overcome the hurdles, grew personally and contributed to the growth of others. Hence it is understood that though many struggle with the shift of beliefs and commitment to action, these challenges can be dealt with some effort and this program is one such effort.


  • Large scale transformation of work culture & practices

  • Happy and Productive employees

  • Improved relationships and retention

  • Better respect for the organization

  • Working with integrity

Program Structure:


This is a one day workshop that provides an opportunity for employees to explore workplace challenges outside of their everyday work environment and discover solutions as a peer group.  Such learnings are positive reinforcement and win win to the individual and organization. The structure facilitates to open up to the idea of collective benefits of being positive and supportive in the organization framework.


It consists of individual assessment, sharing and interactive sessions coupled with engaging activities. The individuals get confidence and the group learning enables stronger bonding amongst the team members.

The workshop is conducted in an environment of fun and openness to introspect and help the group find life transforming insights.


Group Size: 15 – 25 participants



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