Our Corporate Programs are highly experiential and designed in three formats namely
Workshops, Focus Groups and Labs.


Our endeavour is to engage and encourage small groups of people or individuals on areas like values, attitudes, behaviours, competence, emotions, performance, careers, work life balance and leadership aspects to find powerful personal insights.

Communication Presentation and Public Speaking

We believe anyone can communicate powerfully - however, this needs a complete set of skills and competencies that are adapted around the natural personality of an individual - we help you discover and put to use this important talent to use everyday at work and in your personal life space. 

Life is as successful as the number of fruitful relationships and connects one is able to build. Right articulation of thoughts and feelings using appropriate communication can be learnt and mastered through continuous practice of the right set of tools and techniques. Our program helps you connect the dots and assist you in achieving personal mastery on how you communicate, present and connect with various audiences. 

Lead with Emotional Intelligence

People do not exist without emotions - happiness, sadness, anger, depression, elation represent some of the behavioural states that are visible to others. Emotional Intelligence also termed as EQ is a key aspect of human ability to express, interact, take decisions and actions and control acting on impulse. 


Our workshop helps managers become aware of how to understand and interpret emotions for themselves and their colleagues and thus lead themselves and their teams with more confidence, trust, openess and integrity.

Mentoring Masterclass

Mentoring in simple terms is show, tell and get out of the way. For a manager to grow, mentoring is an important skills to facilitate growth of people within the team and across the organization. Mentoring quality directly co-relates to how co-workers perceive the human side of a person.


Our Masterclass helps you learn the ropes on mentoring, various tools and methods and variants - support packs are available to help managers practise mentoring on the job and become proficient post the class.

Coaching Masterclass

Coaching is about working with people and facilitate their personal growth and insights. A Coach is always focused on the Coachee's agenda and genuinely interested in the Coachee's welfare. Coaching is a powerful tool for managers to give more operational freedom to their teams and reportees.


In our workshop, we help managers understand the basic nuances of being a coach and understanding the competencies required to be a successful coach.

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