Welcome to Tattva-Q ! We engage People in different and creative ways and help them be successful and happy by helping them realizing and living their true potential.

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MSTQ announces its books on self help and spirituality
"Dawn of Reality" (English) and its translation in hindi
"Vastavikta Ka Uday" authored by Vidya Yedavalli

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English Edition  | Rs.200 + Rs.40 shipping
Hindi Edition     | Rs.225 + Rs.40 shipping

“The way to increase knowledge is to put into practice that bit of spiritual wisdom a person may already happen to have.” - Meher Baba


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Tattva-Q Life Labs is an organization committed to help People transform their lives, be their best and live successful and happy lives. At the core of our work is the foundation of love and trust which is the very essence of human relationships.


We engage with people in various spheres of their lives be it work, family, society or peer groups. Our programs are available through experiential focus groups, workshops and 1:1 interventions supported by e-learning, micro learning and a coaching helpline.

Call us at +91-95383 37159 or write to us at tattvaq@gmail.com to learn more. 

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Silver Oak - The inspiration for our logo 


Our Logo features a leaf of a unique tree called the Silver Oak (Grevillea Robusta) - when we were launching Tattva-Q, wherever we travelled for inspiration across India, a Silver Oak leaf would show up in different colors and hues which for us represented a human being who passes through various stages of life and some of these trees live for as long as we do!