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Your Life.
Your Truth.

“The way to increase knowledge is to put into practice that bit of spiritual wisdom a person may already happen to have.” - Meher Baba

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welcome to Tattva-Q Life Labs

Life has various colors and hues - our learning, development and coaching interventions are designed to help people create their own learning journeys as they discover new skills, knowledge and wisdom through interesting, creative and meaningful life experiences across various life quadrants. 

Graphic Designing


Work occupies about 40-50% of our weekdays - in today's fast paced world, we need to re-skill ourselves every year and ensure that we are able to engage and compete effectively, remain relevant to our chosen careers and challenge ourselves to grow.

Rock Balancing


The Self is deeply personal to us as it a space of our own, which we nurture and cherish beyond the external world around us. The self is also the space of our inner feelings and emotions. It is a space to awaken ourselves and explore or reflect on our lives, introspect, meditate, gain personal insights and connect with the energy of nature, universe and our creator. 

Indian Spices


Life journeys are all about vivid and memorable experiences. Life skills are what help us navigate our life journeys gaining insights through life experiences, relationships, self-learning and reaching out to support groups or coaches to resolve issues that we face.

Group Therapy


People around us are an important part of our lives as they engage, interact, support, make a difference, ask for help etc. How we relate to people and the quality of relationships is a key aspect of our life journey. What we do for others is often what defines us above everything else. What we share with others is always more rewarding and enriching.

Digital Mind


The human mind is and infinite space where we collect and store memories, engage in our thoughts and emotions, reflect on the past, ponder over the present, plan for the future and connect the various dots that occupy our universe as its guardian, custodian and more.

Hands Holding Wooden Plate


We are part of various social and professional groups and communities. The time, attention and energy we give to such groups or causes defines our social fabric and becomes part of our personality. Sometimes it also helps us create a legacy as we commit to volunteering in areas that we are passionate about and this gives us a sense of accomplishment and happiness.

Silver Oak - The inspiration for our logo 


Our Logo features a leaf of a unique tree called the Silver Oak (Grevillea Robusta) - when we were launching Tattva-Q, wherever we travelled for inspiration across India, a Silver Oak leaf would show up in different colors and hues which for us represented a human being who passes through various stages of life and some of these trees live for as long as we do!

tq app logo.png

Tattva means 'Truth' and Q means Quotient. Our logo byline "Your Life, Your Truth" personifies the uniqueness
of each of our life journeys and our
quest to seek the eternal truth.

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